Mr. Popcorn just found his Cache (larger version)
Geocaching, the most innovative, tech-savvy craze to hit the tourism industry.

What is it?
Simply put, it is a treasure hunt using today's modernized version of a map: a handheld Global Positioning System Receiver (GPSr). Geocaching is an adventure activity that enables tourists to find amazing remote and scenic locations using coordinates of latitude and longitude.

There are over 180 caches in the Central Labrador region. Check out Geocaching or contact our office for more information.

Geocaching is not just for the outdoorsmen, nor limited to one season. This sport is growing as a family activity as well. We encourage families to plan their vacation time "treasure hunting" as they travel throughout Labrador.

So tour the heart of Labrador and bring your GPSr, get out there and have fun. (Don't forget your bug spray and sunscreen in the summer, snowshoes and warm woolies in the winter!)
Logging her find in the log book (larger version)
Volanges with her GPS receiver recording her visit
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