Walking Trails
Unique outdoor activities in Central Labrador
Simeon Falls/Peace Rock
Situated 10 kilometers down the North West River Road, departing from Goose Bay, Simeon Falls/Peace Rock offers a tranquil retreat for visitors and locals alike. The trail itself is marked by small signs along the highway and begins on the road's left side. The hike to Simeon Falls is a well groomed (the beginning has some brush for approx. one minute) providing a light hike for people of all ages. The remaining hike to Middle Rock, on through to Peace Rock is somewhat more rugged, as it has a steeper incline and is more overgrown with vegetation. However, upon reaching either rock, the picturesque view of Lake Melville is breathtaking.
Birch Brook Trails
At Birch Brook, just east of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, ski trails become hiking trails in late spring allowing access to some interesting features. These hills, normally used for cross country skiing, become challenging hiking trails in the summer months. Hike the groomed trails to view the breathtaking sites of Gosling Lake, Lake Melville, and the Mealy Mountains. Many examples of the local flora anf fauna are available for the nature enthusiast. Three different walking routes are recommended. Individual maps may be obtained from the Visitor Information Centre or from Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club.
See the website for more information, or contact Betty Fequet at (709)896-8560.
Happy Valley Trails
Enjoy a quiet walk on our in town walking and bicycling trail from the lower end of Happy Valley to the south side. The most popular part is from the town hall to Hamilton Heights (about 45 minutes). Another great walking trail in the Goose Bay area begins from behind Warrs Pharmacy and works its way along the shore of the Churchill River, offering a picturesque view of the Mealy Mountains across the river.
North West River (larger version)
North West River Tranquility Trails
This mile long walking trail begins from the north end of North West River and follows the shore line. It also has the added convenience of bridges and signage.
Sunday Hill Lookout
Located in the scenic and historic town of North West River, Sunday Hill look out allows a beautiful view of the Mealy Mountains, Grand Lake and Lake Melville. Picnic tables are provided for your convenience. Watch the spectacular sunrise and sunset for an added unforgettable bonus.
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